Queen Suthida of Thailand and Queen Silvia of Sweden hosted the May 2024 Bangkok Child Protection Summit which held by the World Childhood Foundation and the Safeguardkidsfoundation.     Her remarks included “Child sexual abuse is difficult and unpleasant to speak about. It is so for me, too, as a woman, as a mother and grandmother and as a Queen.  But silence does not make it go away.  Silence only helps the perpetrators.   Child sexual abuse happens everywhere in every country of the world, every culture and every society.  And if I do not speak up, we do not speak up, who will?  To change something awareness is first and necessary”.
You can read the Bangkok Post Article about the summit here. – English language.
You can read the Thai Rath Article here – Thai language.
You can read the TV 5 Online report here – Thai language.
Dr. Sombat Tapanya, founder of the Peace Culture Foundation and excellent TRAGAST member was one of the featured speakers at the summit.  He advocated for the establishment of Parent Training Centers in every province, pointing out that  “It is not only economically viable but socially imperative that we PROACTIVELY prevent violence against children by strengthening families. Doing so will allow Thai society to have vastly improved outcomes, as well as a stronger economic future”. 
Dr. Sombat had the opportunity to personally meet Queen Silvia and present her with some Peace Culture Foundation material at the summit.
TRAGAST is proud to support The Peace Culture Foundation and Dr. Sombat in his tireless efforts to prevent child human trafficking through prevention education.
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