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Do you want to get involved in projects that will save the lives of children?   Are you willing to put your heart and your skills into what may be the most heartbreaking and at the same time rewarding volunteer work you have ever encountered? Join Rotary, Join the Rotary Action Group Against Slavery and join our team!

Below is the text from an appeal from Matt Friedman at the Mekong Club.  This project is great program designed to prevent human trafficking into scam centers.  Please note that this campaign will end on 22 December 2023.  Make your pledge today!

Watch the Video here:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/slaveryprevention/from-fake-job-ads-to-human-trafficking-prevention-film


In the hidden world of the human trafficking scam trade, ruthless criminals destroy countless lives. Our mission is clear: use a short film to help overseas job seekers protect themselves from becoming victims of modern-day slavery. Time is of the essence; every day allows this trade to continue and innocent lives to be trapped. Join us in preventing people from becoming victims of human trafficking into scam centres through a short film, and together, we can shine a light on this issue, arming job seekers with the knowledge they need to stay safe.

The Problem:

The situation is complex: hundreds of thousands of people from handfuls of nationalities have been forced into online criminal activities. While some countries are trying to address this issue, criminals adapt, change locations, and upgrade their operations and techniques to avoid identification. There are two types of victims here. First, there are people who have lost money and suffered shame from falling for online scams. Second, there are hundreds of thousands who are forced to work in these scam centres, enduring terrible treatment and human rights violations, such as restriction of movement, physical and sexual violence, debt bondage, and being openly sold between enslavers on online platforms. We focus on the second group—victims of trafficking. They are often well-educated English-speaking professionals and students looking for overseas job opportunities. Our approach addresses the root causes, stops impunity, and prevents more people from being coerced into this heinous crime.

In a world of constant change and evolving ethical dilemmas, it is essential to have guiding principles that promote integrity, fairness, and goodwill. The Rotary Four-Way Test is a timeless code of ethics that has provided individuals, businesses, and organizations with a moral compass for over eight decades. Developed by Herbert J. Taylor in the 1930s, this simple yet profound set of four questions has stood the test of time, reminding us of the values that should guide our actions and decisions. Let us explore the essence of the Rotary Four-Way Test and its relevance in today's complex world.
The Rotary Four-Way Test consists of four simple questions that encourage individuals to evaluate the ethics of their thoughts, words, and actions:
Relevance in Today's World:
1. Truth and Integrity:
The first question of the Four-Way Test urges individuals to prioritize honesty and authenticity. By embracing the truth, we build trust, foster meaningful connections, and promote transparency in our personal and professional lives.
2. Fairness and Justice:
The second question challenges us to evaluate whether our actions treat all individuals fairly. It encourages us to be mindful of the potential impact on others and strive for equitable outcomes. Embracing fairness fosters inclusivity, strengthens social cohesion, and helps address systemic inequalities.
3. Goodwill and Better Friendships:
The third question encourages us to reflect on whether our actions contribute positively to relationships and promote harmony. By cultivating goodwill, we create an environment where empathy, compassion, and respect flourish, allowing us to build stronger, more inclusive communities.
4. Benefit to All:
The final question of the Four-Way Test reminds us to consider the broader impact of our decisions. It encourages us to think beyond self-interest and evaluate whether our actions serve the greater good. By prioritizing the welfare and well-being of all, we can work towards creating a more sustainable, just, and compassionate world.
The Thailand Rotary Action Group Against Slavery Team (TRAGAST) hosted the Chiang Mai A21 Freedom Walk on Saturday 14 October 2023. It served to raise awareness and as a community involvement opportunity in the fight against human trafficking. The A21 Walk for Freedom was a great success in Chiang Mai.
FFW Group Photo

Khun Peerasin Chatchawart from A21 read the following declaration:

Slavery still exists in the 21st century.

People like you and I, bought and sold as commodities.

People like you and I, in this city and in this nation.

But you and I are here today.


We refuse to just talk about injustice; to simply post about it.

Instead, we’re here together in strength and numbers.

We have the power to change the statistics.

And we’re changing them right now.


This is our Walk For Freedom.

A walk for justice and human dignity.

A walk for hope and restoration.

From Australia to Ghana, India to Brazil.

All over the world, we will abolish slavery with each step.


Let’s never forget that we don’t just say it–we believe it.

A world without slavery is possible.

While human trafficking is destroying lives,

We know that freedom will have the final word.


That’s why we exist. That’s why we’re here.

For Freedom.

Truer words were never spoken!

The walk participation included dignitaries from the United States Consulate in Chiang Mai and representatives from Several Rotary Clubs and Non-Government Organizations including Urban Light and Whispering Willow.

Walking for Freedom

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We are very grateful to all who made this important event possible! 

Human trafficking is a heinous crime that should be unequivocally classified as a form of terrorism on a global scale.

The parallels between human trafficking and terrorism are disturbingly evident, and recognizing the former as a manifestation of the latter is crucial for mobilizing resources, implementing stringent measures, and fostering international cooperation to eradicate this modern-day slavery.

At its core, terrorism seeks to instill fear, disrupt societies, and undermine the very fabric of human civilization. Human trafficking accomplishes these nefarious objectives by preying on the vulnerable, subjecting them to unspeakable horrors, and creating a pervasive atmosphere of terror.

Victims of human trafficking endure physical and psychological trauma, live in constant fear, and often face the grim reality of never escaping their captors. The terror they experience is not confined to physical abuse; it extends to the systematic destruction of their sense of self, dignity, and hope.

Human trafficking operates on a global scale, transcending borders and exploiting weaknesses in international law enforcement.

This transnational nature aligns with the characteristics of terrorism, which also knows no boundaries. Traffickers act with impunity, traversing countries to evade authorities and perpetrate their crimes.

By acknowledging human trafficking as a form of terrorism, nations can unite in a coordinated effort to combat this scourge collectively. Just as nations collaborate to counteract terrorism, a similar global alliance is essential to dismantle the intricate networks that sustain human trafficking.

The financial aspect of human trafficking bears resemblance to the funding mechanisms of terrorist organizations. Both thrive on illicit financial flows, relying on a complex web of money laundering and illegal transactions.

By designating human trafficking as a form of terrorism, nations can intensify efforts to track and freeze the assets of traffickers, dismantling their economic infrastructure and disrupting their ability to operate.

The urgency of this reclassification is underscored by the impact of human trafficking on national security.

Just as terrorism poses a threat to the stability of nations, human trafficking destabilizes societies by fueling corruption, organized crime, and social unrest.

The ripple effects extend to neighboring countries, creating a regional security threat.

Recognizing human trafficking as a form of terrorism would prompt nations to allocate more resources to prevention, intervention, and victim support, thereby fortifying their defenses against this insidious global menace.

The victims of human trafficking deserve nothing less than a united front against their tormentors, and the world must respond with unwavering resolve to eradicate this modern-day slavery from the face of the earth.

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We are delighted to have received a donation of ฿100,000 from the Rotary Club of Bangkok.
The full amount will be dedicated to support 4 workshops conducted by the Peace Culture Foundation, the trusted Partner of TRAGAST, conducting workshops for the past 3 years to educate children about the dangers of grooming and trafficking in the online world of social media.   See the article below “RAGAS Growth & Progress in Thailnad”.
The Rotary Club of Bangkok, the first Club in Thailand, founded in 1930 is committed to the cause and continues to support TRAGAST.  This is the 2nd year they have made a very generous donation to support human trafficking prevention training.  The Rotary Club of Bangkok exemplifies the spirit of Rotary!
We are grateful for their ongoing support and will continue to explore opportunities to save children at risk.

It is very pleasing to see excellent RAGAS membership numbers growth in Thailand from 2 Rotary districts. It is also gratifying to see the team initiatives in providing a focus on prevention education training for students, teachers, parents, and officials. These members have created the Thailand RAGAS Team (TRAGAST) which is ably led by PDG Chamnan Chanruang and PP Jerry Nelson. They aim to recruit more Thailand Rotarians and influence the Community and Authorities to work with NGO’s to tackle and curtail the exploitation of fellow Thailand community members.
Current Projects 
  • The primary project is providing prevention training to students, teachers, parents, and officials.  Training is conducted through the Peace Culture Foundation (PCF). Dr. Sombat Tapanya founder of PCF is working with psychology majors at Chiang Mai University who are trained to facilitate the trainings both in classrooms and online.Online training has been delivered to over 300 students, academics, and government officials in Chiang Mai Provence.Topics include grooming, sexual Abuse, peer advocacy, awareness of pedophiles and sociopaths, bystander intervention and more.  PCF also delivered face to face training at 11 schools in June 2022 and conducted a workshop for 60+ youth leaders in Chiang Mai.   More training is being planned both in classrooms and online.
  • TRAGAST also has a library project where we have placed 9 portable libraries in popular locations throughout Chiang Mai.  Books are free to the readers.  The inside cover of every book includes a sticker with information about Rotary, RAGAS and TRAGAST. We try to They ensure that Matt Friedman’s “Where Were You” is on every bookshelf.  This project could be easily duplicated in other areas.
  • One member is writing an original stage play to raise awareness of human trafficking, especially child sex trafficking. They hope to premier the play in late 2023, likely in Chiang Mai.
Going Forward:
  • TRAGAST members are working to expand the team and at the same time to gain support / assistance from Rotary Districts and Clubs outside of Thailand with the long-term goal to provide prevention awareness campaigns and training throughout Thailand.
  • The TRAGAST plan is to expand membership in all 4 Thailand Rotary Districts and double their membership by the end of RY2023-24.
Please contact the Thailand RAGAS Coordinator at Coordinator@tragast.org for further information.

Last Update 23 November 2023
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